Monday, December 13, 2010



Ryan Final

Nica '10

Artist's Statement:

Here I have 10 mock 7" record sleeves for a suite of musique concrete pieces that are, as of this writing, a continual work in progress. My intention with each cover is to convey the mood of the piece or invoke the subject matter or sound sources involved in each pieces' construction. For example, the primary sound source for Almuro/Wires Storming uses ring-modulated wind sounds as its primary source. For the cover, I have a textless 16mm photograph of a windswept field.

All these photographs were taken by my mother from a period spanning from 2002 through 2005. Other covers were drawn by myself using a tablet and some generic landscape photographs as reference. The photographs were cropped and given minimal alteration and filtering. Scuffing and dust marks were left mostly intact.

I have meant for each of these to be paired up; the A-side and the B-side both have covers on each side of the sleeve. The intended pairings are as followed: Almuro/Wires Storming b/w 9 a.m. Glowing, Brown Burn b/w Calais silver mound, Brûlure Brun b/w Calais Motte Argenté, Hitter's Shame & Shoal b/w Wood Panel Walls, Load Choker Joy b/w Open Country Gloom.